Monitor Bag

Protect your monitor from the ravages of life!

Our Monitor Bag covers are essential for protecting expensive flat screen monitors and televisions!

How good are they?

Ion beam research at Sandia National Labs

One of our commercial customers is the prime contractor for moving offices and lab equipment at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have used our Monitor Bag cover design for hundreds of moves without a single claim. They are a welcomed sight every time they arrive to move administrators, engineers, and research scientists, as everyone knows they will use the right packing products each and every time.

So, if our covers are good enough for one of our country’s premier national scientific research labs, then they’re certainly good enough for your customers’ needs!

Our Monitor Bag line of covers are available in a variety of sizes to properly fit flat-screen monitors and televisions of all dimensions. If you have something unique to move, we can custom make a cover that will fit your needs. We also offer our covers in a variety of colors (see the Order page for choices).

Monitor Bag protective cover

Made from quilted cotton and cotton/polyester fabric and batting, our covers provide protection against scratches and bumps. When properly packed, your equipment will arrive at its destination safe and intact.

Most movers use expensive bubble wrap and packing tape to protect flat screen monitors and TVs. With our Monitor Bag covers, you can eliminate the wasted materials and time. Just simply slip a cover over each monitor and secure the Velcro fasteners. Then pack as you normally would.

Monitor Bags are a “green” solution to wasted layers of bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and packing tape. They are completely reusable and washable. Your costs will be reduced, and your customers will be pleased to see how much you care about the environment and about their expensive computer equipment!

These covers are also useful when placing monitors into storage. Schools will find them useful for protecting the monitors in their valuable computer labs. Once students have shut down their computer, they can slip the cover over each monitor, protecting it from accidental scratches and bumps — and it makes the computer lab look neat and tidy as well!

Every moving company’s warehouse should have an ample supply of Monitor Bag monitor covers!