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Don’t Use Moving Pads to Protect Flat Screen Tech

The moving industry has come a long way over the years. A combination of improved products and an emphasis on customer service are making a huge difference in the quality of moving experiences. However, as technology changes, so do the needs of customers.

Computers have certainly made an impact on our world. We use them daily. They are in every office, big and small. Perhaps one of the biggest visible differences is in the size and shape of monitors. Gone are the huge ‘boat anchors’ of the 80s and 90s. Flat-screen technology has swept the industry, which creates a whole new set of demands placed on commercial office movers.

This brings us to a discussion on how to protect these flat-screen technology devices.

I cringe when I hear a moving company suggest using bubble wrap to cover any kind of flat screen. You may as well use sandpaper. Monitor glass is highly polished to create the best images. Even microscopic scratches can alter the quality of the glass — and of the images produced.

Many movers will wrap a moving pad around a flat-screen device, which is better than the bubble wrap or shrink wrap options. Moving pads (moving blankets) come in a variety of qualities — from cheap, nylon or polyester non-woven materials to better fabrics made of cotton/polyester blends. If the latter is all you have, it’s the best option to select. However, you need to make sure that the pad you’ve selected was used the day before as a floor mat.

The best option is a pad made from 100 percent cotton. It’s the softest natural fiber available, and can be used safely in most flat-screen applications.

Monitor Bag monitor covers are made ONLY with a 100 percent cotton shell, so its that the only thing touching your customer’s monitor screen. Not only are they the safest option to use for flat-screen technology, they are also reusable, washable, and green! 

So please, forget about bubble wrap and packing tape. Use moving pads for grandma’s antique hutch, but leave it to Monitor Bag padded fabric covers for protecting your customer’s high-dollar monitor equipment.

Order your Monitor Bag products here!! You can get them in a variety of sizes and colors — all made from 100 percent cotton quilted fabric to provide the best covering for protecting expensive flat-screen monitors and televisions.

Have a special size need? Ask us! We can provide custom-sized covers for your specialized needs!