Monitor Bag covers for School Computer Labs

I taught in public high school for many years, so I know a thing or two about how rough school property gets treated. And it’s not always intentional. Kids are kids, and they often don’t think about some of their actions.

So when it comes to computer labs, with thousands upon thousands of dollars of equipment, avoiding accidental abuse and damage is critical. I’ve seen students quickly slip off their backpacks against monitors, with straps and buckles striking the glass display.

They aren’t supposed to bring drinks into the computer lab, but there’s always that one kid . . .

Did I mention dust? I don’t care how excellent the janitorial staff is, dust seems to just appear, getting into ventilation openings of monitors and CPUs. It’s a reality.

If you’re a school administrator or the one responsible for overseeing the technology equipment in your school, you need to take steps to protect those expensive resources!

Monitor Bag padded covers are the right answer for protecting computer monitors in school classrooms and labs! They’ll provide the protection necessary to safeguard your investment, plus they look good! Consider getting them in your school colors or with the school logo silk-screened across the front!!!

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